Sign our petition and help to influence the UK Government's ten year mental health plan

We need your help to show the Government the strength of support there is for increased investment in counselling and psychotherapy.

We’re asking the Government for an increased investment in mental health services to give people quicker and easier access to their choice of therapy. This is in response to their current consultation on proposals for mental health support over the next decade in England.


Sign our petition (right) to support our five asks for investment to be given where need is greatest, and targeted in the following key areas:

1. Expand the counselling and psychotherapy workforce within the NHS and explore new opportunities for service delivery through Integrated Care Systems.

2. Invest in a trained, professional counsellor in every secondary school, college and community hub in England.

3. Provide access to high quality and culturally sensitive services to people from marginalised community backgrounds and those at greatest risk of psychological distress.

4. Increase workplace counselling support to help people deal with the personal, financial and work pressures which often lead to poor mental health, as well as enhancing support for those returning to work, preparing for retirement or seeking employment. 

5. Improve access and choice of therapy through investment in local community-based counselling services. 

Please sign our petition before Thursday 7 July and help us send the Government a strong message they cannot ignore.